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Hi, my name is Harry Sneed III. A lot of people call me by my creative pseudonym, Speegg. (Pronouced like Speed with a "g" instead of a "d".) As you look down the list to the left, you'll see that I have many interests, passions and skills but more than anything, I am a writer. That's what I live for and spend most of my time doing. I get up at 5 a.m every morning and beat on the keyboard for about three hours writing everything from poetry, short stories, nonfiction, fiction, children books and anything else that has to do with the written word. I've also been a newspaper reporter and a weekly columnist. You might say, I'm a wordsmith. When I'm not writing or working my 9-5 job as www.HarryTheHandyman.com or doing other creative projects, I'm reading. I love books. I'm a bibliophile. My favorites are autobiographies, biographies, nonfiction and poetry. I also enjoy the classics of literature. I'm aspiring to create my own pieces of prose that I hope one day will become classics themselves. Here are just some of my literary creations.
www.Forecollections.com It time travel possible? Could great inventors, geniuses, and other creative people throughout history actually have the ability to time travel and yet not even know it? And if it is possible to travel in time, could one go into the future and bring back to the present certain mindsets, inventions and even future ways of life that could change the course of a person's life or radically alter history? The answer to those questions and many more of life's great mysteries are found in my book "Forecollections" The Future Memories of a Time-Traveler.

As one of the only self-professed time travelers in the world, I explain in this book that we are all time travelers and when we use our Thoughts, Choices and Actions in the best and most intelligent ways, we have the ability to take our Mind, Body and Soul to alternate worlds and parallel universes beyound our current common existance and into a New World called Jankwin, where we can experience an abundance of true HAPPINESS, HEALTH, WEATLH AND WISDOM.

"Forecollections" will not only change your perception on time and thought, it will radically change your life for the better!!! It's a FREE e-book designed to show you www.ItsNoCoincidence.com you're right here reading these words:)
www.Flashfictions.com is a collection of several of my short stories and "flashfictions" which are pieces of prose that contain less then 1,000 words.
www.TheInnocenceOfBroads.com is my autobiography of the first ten years of my life when I was very young and still had my innocence of broads. One would think that reading about the first decade of one's life wouldn't be that interesting. Ah, but you didn't grow up in my alcoholic, abusive, crazy and dysfunctional world. You can read the first chapter of The Innocence of Broads by clicking on the link or photo above. I've got about 75% of the book done and I'm continually working to finish it real soon.
You can also find a collection of my original quotes by going to http://quoetry.tumblr.com/

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